Since 2013 we invite artists to show prints, paintings or photographs in our cafe/bistro/gallery in Berlin Mitte.

We serve over 500 customers a day, works are visible to guests from all over the world, 7 days a week. We are located right in the centre of a vibrant neighbourhood, art-lovers, journalists and people from the creative industry pass by and enjoy not only great coffee or panini but also a selection of artists, in a two-month rotation.

Please contact us if you have questions. Thank you for participating!

“Il Caffè e un Arte”
Eva Tortolini


Martin Krusche
Art Prints
September – November 2019

Zora Jurenkova
Backstage Burlesque
September – November 2019

Marcus Sendlinger
Una Barca nella Tempesta
August – September 2019

Dietmar Eckell
June – August 2019

Gertrud Hutz
January – March 2019
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In Zusammenarbeit mit Gallerie Salzig Berlin
Februar – November 2018

Mein Lieber Prost
In Zusammenarbeit mit Gallerie Salzig Berlin
Februar – November 2018

Tom Pollhammer
Das Geheimnis der Mona Lisa
January – April 2018

Gregor Hutz
Oh Tannenbaum
October – December 2017

Federica Masini
May – September 2017

Gabriele Reuter
January – June 2016

Manuel Schroeder
July – December 2016

Nicole Mieth & Jule Halsinger
Graffiti Plüschtiere
July – November 2015

Regina Clarissa Lohmann
Fashion sketches
January – July 2015